Exploring the Finest Organic Chocolates in Central Texas

Are you looking for the best organic chocolates in Central Texas? Look no further than Edis Chocolates, Chocolate Secrets, and other renowned chocolate shops in Austin, TX. From wine and chocolate pairings to live jazz nights, these shops offer a unique culinary experience that spans more than 150 years. At Edis Chocolates, you can attend a variety of events such as afternoon tea, literature night, or open mic. The shop produces more than 52 flavors of chocolate truffles and chocolates, 25 flavors of macarons, 25 different pastries, and 15 flavors of sorbets and ice cream.

Chocolate Secrets is an award-winning manufacturer of grain-to-bar chocolate based in Austin that specializes in Indian-inspired flavors. The shop is committed to transparency in supply, fair wages for producers, and good ingredients. You can find bars with no fillers other than organic cane sugar and cocoa butter. Carol Morse's interest in chocolate was awakened during a summer to meet the cocoa producers of Central America.

Fran Bigelow established a store in the early 1980s, pioneering the notions of fair trade and sustainability. Michael and Jacky Recchiuti have grown one of the best chocolate shops in the country for almost a quarter of a century. Elaine Read and Matt Weyandt filled their bags with cocoa after an extended stay in Costa Rica and returned home to learn how to make chocolate. Their small street market in Krog grew to become one of the most important chocolate manufacturers in the region.

Lecia produces more than 300 flavors with the perfect Zuckerkrust chocolate shell. The only state in which following the bean-to-bar ethic doesn't require as much as a trip across town is also one of those few places in the world where cacao producers produce their own chocolate for sale. A 14-acre farm on the north shore of Oahu is the source and inspiration for some of the best Hawaiian chocolates on the market. You can get 54 percent Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate chips or individual Venezuelan Araguaní dark chocolate bars with flavors of gooseberries, chestnuts, and honey. The tempting scents of chocolates captivate the senses at Lecia Duke's shop, which has been making chocolates since 1984. Try sweet crepes like peanut butter and banana or treat yourself to chocopizzas or Chocolate Avalanche, a delicious chocolate ice cream. One flavor is all you need to understand the difference between pure dark chocolate and the typical American chocolate bar; the first is practically a healthy food, while the other is a sweet and milky treat.

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