Indulge in the Sweet Treats of Central Texas Chocolate Shops

If you're looking for a sweet treat, Central Texas chocolate shops have something to satisfy your cravings. From crepes to chocopizas to Chocolate Avalanche ice cream, you'll find a variety of flavors to delight your taste buds. Andrea's has been in the chocolate industry for 25 years and offers an array of truffles, cake balls, caramel with milk chocolate, and other delicious desserts. You can also find chocolate bars, chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, large peanut butter cups, and custom chocolate logos. Chocolaterie Tessa is the place to go for Amano artisanal chocolate bars, Askinosie chocolate, fresh chocolate, and Srsly chocolate.

Sablon is the first premium restaurant in North America to offer high-quality Belgian and Italian chocolates. Enjoy a frappista milkshake topped with a donut and then share an ice cream or dark chocolate and fruit fondue. The menu also includes tiramisu, hot chocolates with hazelnuts, Belgian frappes, crème brulee, and mocha frappé.Chocolate Secrets chocolates are handmade with organic, natural ingredients. Sample soft butter candies cut into cubes and rolled in South American dark chocolate like Black MmmMole Toffee and Tangerine Man Chocolate Toffee.

Lecia Duke has been crafting chocolates since 1984. Truffles and goodies like unique chocolate bars are available at this Dallas shop. You can also get homemade ice cream and hot chocolate to drink or 54 percent Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate chips to bake at home.