Unveiling the Unique Ingredients Used by Central Texas Chocolate Shops

When it comes to crafting chocolates that capture the unique flavors of Texas, locally sourced ingredients are essential. From ganache to Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate chips, Central Texas chocolate shops use a variety of ingredients to create delectable treats. Ganache is a soft, creamy center of a truffle made from a mix of chocolate and fresh heavy cream. It can be enhanced with natural flavors for an extra kick.

Enstrom offers a mix of milk and dark chocolate ganache that is exclusive to their brand. You can also find 54 percent Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate chips for baking at home, as well as individual Venezuelan Araguani dark chocolate bars with flavors like gooseberries, chestnuts, and honey. Wiseman House chocolates are made by mixing fine chocolate and fresh heavy cream to create a rich ganache that is left to rest overnight. Other fresh ingredients are added to enhance the flavor.

Chocolate Dishes and Covering Chocolate

In addition to truffles and chocolates, you can find an extensive 18-page menu with delicious chocolate dishes like tiramisu, hot chocolates with hazelnuts, Belgian frappes, crème brulee, and mocha frappé.

Covering chocolate

is a high-quality chocolate used by chocolatiers to create truffles and chocolate candies.

Soft Butter Candies and Sablon

Soft butter candies are made with cane sugar, French butter, and chocolate. They are cut into large cubes and rolled in South American dark chocolate like Black MmmMole Toffee and Tangerine Man Chocolate Toffee.

Sablon is the first premium restaurant in North America to offer excellent quality chocolate desserts, drinks, and small sandwiches made with the highest quality Belgian and Italian chocolate.

Truffles and Chocopizas

A traditional truffle is a center of ganache that is rolled and then dipped in a chocolate coating to create an outer layer. You can find all sorts of treats like chocolate bars, chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, large peanut butter cups, or custom chocolate logos. Sweet crepes like peanut butter and banana are also available, as well as chocopizas or Chocolate Avalanche – a delicious ice cream made with chocolate.

Andrea's Experience

Andrea's experience dates back to a 25-year career as a chocolate teacher and production manager at one of the first Dallas-based chocolate shops. The tempting scents of chocolates captivate your senses, while the chocolates on display are manufactured by Lecia Duke since 1984. Central Texas is home to some of the most unique chocolates in the world.

From ganache to Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate chips, these local shops use only the finest ingredients to craft their delicious treats. Whether you're looking for truffles or soft butter candies, you can find something special at these Central Texas shops. With Andrea's experience in the industry, you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality chocolates available.