Unique Flavors of Central Texas Chocolate Shops

Ganache is a soft, creamy center of a truffle made from a mix of chocolate and fresh heavy cream. It can be enhanced with various natural flavors. Bean to Bar artisanal chocolate makers are known for their focus on the quality ethics of the cocoa beans they use to make their artisanal bars, as well as the unique flavors they contain. When I discovered that there was artisanal chocolate on Amazon, I spent hours analyzing the various options.

Alma pays homage to the Latin roots of chocolate by creating handmade chocolate icons, made with 74% dark chocolate from a single farm and painted with 23-carat edible gold. Atelier Ortega, a chocolate shop in Jackson, Wyoming, is owned by Chef Oscar Ortega and offers chocolates from another world. Christopher Elbow Chocolates in Kansas City, Missouri, takes the phrase artisanal chocolates to the next level. Connecticut is so well known for its chocolate shops that it has an authentic tourist route for those with a sweet tooth called the Connecticut Chocolate Trail.

Cordial Cherry in Omaha, Nebraska specializes in chocolate-covered cherries. Lonohana, one of the first chocolate manufacturers in Hawaii, uses its own Hawaiian cacao beans to make its exclusive chocolate bars, as well as hand-selected beans from around the world. The Dallas area has some of the best-rated chocolate shops sure to satisfy a sweet tooth. Kevin mixes Belgian and Venezuelan chocolate with fresh whipped cream, chopped nuts, fruits, crushed coffee beans and liqueurs to obtain the best-tasting chocolate that will transport you to the ancient Mayans.

Zak's Chocolate is a small-batch store located in Scottsdale, Arizona that ethically sources its cocoa beans and roasts them itself. Each candy is handmade with modern flavors such as coffee and donuts and is made with donut ganache, dark chocolate espresso ganache, a slice of donut and sprinkles all inside a dark chocolate shell. Covering chocolate is a high-quality chocolate used by chocolatiers to create truffles and chocolate candies. The best chocolates in Texas are made by hand by Kate Weiser in Dallas at her namesake shop.

Chocolatl is one of the few retail stores in Europe offering home service and has surpassed its headquarters in the Netherlands with a wide variety of handmade chocolate bars. Noteworthy are the truffle chocolate bars with classic chocolate on the outside and a soft and velvety interior. The Chocolate Lab in Denver combines science and chocolate in a culinary experience. The store is known for its dazzling chocolates and brownies, and the chocolate mousse served in a chocolate waffle cone is an added treat.